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From the Dept. of Finishing What You Start:

I’m kicking out all the ghosts. Always moaning, floating around the house. Get a job! Especially the psychic ones, like unfinished projects. This was the last prototype in process when Elemental Dream Day was a full-time business. I decided to fold the company because it was siphoning off too much creativity from music. This poor tiara was abandoned like a luxury condo building in 2008. It lived half-done in a plastic ziplock to keep from tarnishing from about 2002 until two weeks ago. Done!

Solid sterling with amethysts and raven’s wing pearls. This piece would sell for a pretty penny back in ’00. Now it hangs out on my table proving a point. As a bonus, I’ll never be without something to wear to a formal tea in the Bavarian woods.



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This kind is blackberry chamomile.

I’m an ex-matriarch. At one point I had a rotating batch of kombucha at all times. I threw giant parties and wore long 70’s hostess gowns and made decorative ice rings with flowers from my garden frozen within. The ice rings went in a crystal punch bowl, with blueberry vodka and elderflower syrup, among other things. WTF. Let’s start with the Kombucha. Baby steps.


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A garden grows in Kensington: Sungolds, Purple Cherokee, Green Zebra. Holy Basil, Sage, Chives, Rosemary. The basics.

The Garden of Good Vibes

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My last garden was a bohemian haven. Vervain, Borage, bonfires, music. For many years it thrived in wild colors and moments. In my final year there it became a place I didn’t want to set foot in. Paradise lost, surrounded by bad blood.  I let it go to seed and walked away.

This summer I tilled up a little patch in my current rented backyard. It’s small but all mine and all happy.

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