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Cats n’ Crafts, second only in my heart to Rock n’ Roll. Seriously, when  lil’ puss here jumped into the photo I thought: How perfect! Immediately followed by…is this my life? Am I taking photos of a cat for a blog about my crafts?

Ok, walk it off…

I love pickles. This is my second batch. They are yellowy from the turmeric I added this time. The first batch I took to a 4th of July party, and people seemed to like them. The ever-lovely Lauren Eileen Walker took this shot and named it “pickle proud”. I won’t deny it:


leather belt

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I made a leather belt that I wanted for an outfit idea:

Hand-cut and painted leather belt with lapis lazuli beading, gold embroidery, and a blue grosgrain ribbon tie.

To make this I drew a basic pattern, cut the leather, and painted the outer edges. I then made the beaded motifs using a wire fabrication technique from the old tiara-makin’ days. The beads are very fine lapis lazuli (dark blue with gold inclusions)  from my still-ridiculous stock of precious materials. I am the only girl you know who has $4.50 of cash to her name and handful of unmounted sapphires and amethysts in tiny, drug-like bags on her workbench.

I then embroidered the stars on the leather using gold thread, and sewed the edges to strong ribbon of the right width. These pics (from a rainy day shoot) show the details a little better:

I’m happy with it for a first design, and it has already passed a road test.


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This is virgin coconut oil/aloe lotion with ylang ylang and tangerine essential oils. I etched the glass jar it’s in a few years ago.

As a kid I went to colonial Williamsburg and freaked out with joy in the apothecary. I think I was either a shaman-esque medicine woman or a snake oil salesman in a past life. Subsequently I’ve always liked to make my own products when possible. That said, many early experiments were of novelty sort: Ooh, look what I’ve made! How interesting…ok, but I’ll actually be USING the stuff from Kiehl’s.

The recipes are getting more informed and refined. This one involved melting beeswax pellets and organic coconut oil to the same liquid temp, whipping that with distilled water and aloe vera gel, and then adding the essential oils. It is amazing. So creamy I have to forcibly hold myself back from eating it with a spoon. Heady and luxurious. I use it by choice, even! Win.

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