rosewater toner

November 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I made bottles of homemade rosewater-based toner for special girlfriends. The toner is simple and pure: rosewater, witch hazel, and a couple of drops of vegetable  glycerin. I made a batch for myself and use it all the time.

The bottles are made for the ladies, too: I cut stencils with their initials, etched the glass with hydrofluoric acid, and mounted a rose quartz cabochon on the top of the cork:

Confession: these are two from a series of gifts for my best girls that were intended for distribution during Holiday ’09. They were delivered this week…November ’10. I had to dismantle my old home last December, I got distracted. Another item crossed off the Finish What You Start list. Brisk hand brush.

Times are lean but we can still have beautiful things.


chain earrings

November 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Long, very thin chain earrings. I like things that are both pretty and tough. Earrings, people, all across the board. Be beautiful and resilient, please.  A friend recently gave me the most amazing hair combs of all time: long strands of gunmetal chain, all different lengths. I used to have similar combs as a little girl, but the strands were sort of Rainbow Brite-ish ribbon. These are the grown-up version.

Only issue with these babies is that the chain is too heavy to be held by a plastic combs. Bad accessory physics. So I started searching the internet for the chain to make my own. I found this, which looked similar.¬† There’s a danger in being skewed so right brain, though, and it’s called Not Measuring. The chain arrived almost impossibly thin – about 1mm. Too skinny for effective badassness in the hair, but good for very light, very long, very delicate earrings. The chain is threaded on hard wire with bead spacers for extra airiness. I wanted an Art Deco architecture feel. 30’s futura.

I like that they fall over the clavicle. Pretty tough.

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