yule gifts

January 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

Art of Life, holiday edition! Spiced clementine cranberry marmalade/little loaves of rosemary & black pepper cornbread/wooden ornament. I made about 15 sets of these and distributed them to friends.

I wanted to be a reasonable person again. And by that I mean someone who can not only handle life but do interesting things with it. Gracefully. Surprise friends with something nice, for genuine reasons.

First I decided to make some kind of jam. Pretty sure I chose this recipe because “clementine” and “marmalade” are two of my favorite words. “Clementine Marmalade”…mellifluous and kind of etymologically adorable. Anyway, I actually had to make this batch twice. The first was ruined at the very end by forces beyond my control. Did I mention marmalade in this quantity takes about 6 hours to make?  C’est la vie! I am stubborn once I have a vision. Made it again the next day.

The cornbread was an add-on, but again once I had it in mind it needed to happen. This is a basic recipe that I tweaked with rosemary and ground peppercorns.

The ornament is from the Dept. of Not Knowing When to Stop.  I had these shapes and thought they would be perfect. I then woodburned, stained, and gold-leafed them. Yep. Please let’s never talk about how my press kits for my old business were hand-embossed, a process that took days. That was my early 20’s, though. I’d like to think I only throw that level of perfectionism into things that benefit actual art or people who matter now.

This project represents a more significant milestone for me, however:

My notebook, home of all nascent ideas & general brainstorming. The date of this entry is 12/12/10. From sketch to friends’ hands, approx. 10 days. One of the biggest goals I’ve had this year was to become someone who finishes projects, and one who can get from concept to manifestation in a satisfying amount of time. The best gift I could possible give myself.


wooden leaf earrings

January 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve been making these leaf earrings out of wood for a few years now, but I made another batch recently to sell at the Punk Rock Flea Market.  They are organic, simple, and about as light as actual leaves.

The shapes I get precut, and then woodburn them and stain a rosewood-ish tone. Woodburning is one of my favorite techniques. I like its old-school permanence and that how my workspace then smells like a campfire.

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