feather slippers

March 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Feather-covered boudoir slippers, a housewarming gift for my friend/new roommate. I started with a pair of plain cork heels I found in her size and carefully glued on a design with feathers from my collection.

This project started as a half-joke. We’d been happily brainstorming about the household we would create together and the lifestyle it could inspire. Kimonos and feathered slippers, sunlit rooms. Quality conversation, convivial spirit. A bohemian salon, relaxed but rich with a spirit of artful living.

To honor my part in making that more than idle talk, I decided to start our time in this house with a ceremonial gift of the slippers. Research quickly revealed that most available feathered shoes are pretty hideous. Since I’m physically incapable of buying something I think I can make better,  the day before I moved found me surrounded by boxes at an empty worktable…covered in feather whisps.

A home frames a lifestyle. A lifestyle informs an identity. From identity we take action. The most frivolous of objects imaginable, an ornamental indoor shoe, becomes a piece of proof that a beautiful life is taken seriously. No moment is too common to celebrate.


airy chain earrings

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Variation on theme. Same pattern of strands as original earrings but wider-gauge chain and new top-mount design. Applying the common policy of more to the first design, I thought: why not bigger chain? The results were surprising – a wider gauge chain is indeed larger in size but is less dense. So now we have pretty, tough, and…ethereal? I like the idea of a thing that is a statement but has some subtlety to it. Fearless but with finesse.

Each earring has seven strands. Given a chance to number anything and my abundant mysticism will wrench control and choose seven. I was born in the seventh month on the seventh day on the week, seven minutes into the hour. I heard once that the Queen of Sheba wore seven stars on her robe when she seduced King Solomon. Magic number. Whether you believe in the objective power of a charm or just the benefit of focus it can bring, nothing wrong with adding a little luck.

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