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August 15, 2013 § Leave a comment


Wood burned pocket knives and flasks. Drawn, burned, stained, and gilded by hand. I haven’t posted on this blog in while, in part because this was the year my crafting went pro again. I’ve been selling these through my Etsy Store, my Scoutmob Shop, and at a couple great indie craft shows like Renegade.

It started with finding the dead stock vintage wood knives in a wholesale warehouse. I thought they were great on their own, but quickly realized burning designs would work well on that wood.


(all images by my very own in-house photographer Alec K. Redfearn)

It took a little learning since the wood is vintage and can burn irregularly, but I figured out a pretty consistent technique and set to work making them mythical and whimsical:


These sold really well, especially during the holiday season, so I wanted to add more products to the line. I like the idea of making things dudes can enjoy, too, so flasks jumped to mind. Figuring out how to add wood to stainless steel took a couple months, but I learned all about real oak veneers and settled on that. The staining, sanding, and adhering take a bit of work but I’m happy with the results of the process.


I started making things again, and cataloging them in this blog, as a way of remembering who I am and how I live after a fall down the rabbit hole when my decade-long marriage ended. I’ve been making things for as long as my memory extends. Continuity in identity was a challenge when my world went helter skelter, so this was a path from old to new. In the several years that have passed since I can see that, along with getting my band recording and performing again, it was a successful process. One thing I didn’t expect is that I’d also get over the memory of what a pain in the ass running a craft-related business (the headpiece company) was back in the early 2000’s, and find myself here older and wiser and ready to try it again.


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